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East West Wellness and Metaphysical

East West Gem Mining Bucket

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When was the last time you went gem mining?

Usually gem mining can be found up in the Application mountain area our out West.  We wanted to bring that taste of adventure and fun back to you with these buckets.

Each bucket is around 6lbs and maybe a bit more. It has large crystals as well as small ones( don't just throw out the sand). You might also find Sharks teeth, arrowheads and maybe a necklace or two.....

The images of the stones are from a sample bucket we opened, and a good representation of what you might find.  All buckets have lots of stones in them, all you need to do is dump it out, and dig through the sand till you find them. Then rinse them off in clear water and you are done!

This is a fun project for a rainy day, or anytime you are stuck inside.

We also do parties. just call for more details and pricing