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Black Kyanite Pendant with Ethiopian Opal

Black Kyanite Pendant with Ethiopian Opal

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Black Kyanite Pendant with Ethiopian Opal

Adjustable Leather Cord
Hammered Copper
Each Cabochon is hand shaped and polished by me.
Gemstone: Ethiopian Opal and Black Kyanite
Metal: Copper

Benefits of Copper Jewelry:

It's known to help reduce inflammation, arthritis, headaches, and improve digestions. It helps bring the body back into alignment, it is an excellent conductor and helps stimulate the flow energy.

Benefits of Black Kyanite:

Black Kyanite meaning is stability and grounding. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the best crystals for protection and grounding by many experienced crystal healers.

Ethiopian Opal:

Ethiopian Opal may be used in meditation to help to boost the ability to see the future.

They help you to change how you think and may assist with making decisions.

If you have Any questions, please ask and have a Wonderful Day.

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