About Us....

We are Scott and Jennifer Stafford.

And I cannot remember a time when we haven't been in creation mode. The very idea of nature and adventure brought us together.  We have lived on both east and west coast, stepped foot in some of the most beautiful natural scenery while showing our kids how life could look instead of just telling them.

We love the idea of nature in its raw form. We love the expression "heal from the root."

We love creating spaces for others to come and take part in their own healing, their own rescue. We love providing the truth, the hands and tools. We love the awareness and acknowledgement of how emotional connection ties into healing. 

Which brings us to here.

With 25 years of healing experience combined, we created East West as a space and offering to those that feel the pull. A variety of services customized to the needs of the suffering and for those seeking realignment and balance.

As a vital key in our relationship, communication is one we use within our practice so we can find the perfect blend of services to offer you and meet you where you are. 

Detoxing, hands on bodywork,  energy work, oils, metaphysical and crystals.

It is our passion,  gifts, and intention that we bring to the table. We are so happy to share all that we've learned with you.

Call us at 386-276-6163 or 941-786-2885

Email: eastwestmetaphysical@gmail.com

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